Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Weview: EtchaSketchinLola

Hey dudes. So every Wednesday, I'm going to show & critique & compliment 5 sets from whatever ahhhmazing polyvore user I choose. If I get really bored, there might be non-Wednesday reviews.

There will also be interview questions! Yay, material!

What first drew me to this set was the photo of Zooey. She was a really cool actress in 2 of my favorite movies, "Almost Famous" & "Flakes"! On to the set. The clutch is darling, and matches wonderfully with the heel of the shoes & lipstick. I adore all the buttons on the top & shorts. The shades are funky yet delicate. The tights play off the textures in the top & clutch. The addition of the splatters in the corner & the swoosh behind the eyeliner fill in the space but don't over do it.

Kneesock: How did you find Polyvore?
EtchaSketchinLola: My best friend had a friend who linked it to her because they went to a fashion merchandising school and it would be helpful and fun for them. So my bffl then then sent me the link because she loved it. I tried it once and new I was going to be addicted for life. 

This set gets mega bonus points for being named after a song by Mountain, "Mississippi Queen". [Sound familar? It's on Guitar Hero III, for all you fauxrockers out there.] The dress matches the mention of a dress in the song, & the denim vest matches the mood of the song as well. Rough but pretty. I love the print & drawstring on the purse. The shoes match wonderfully & I love their shape. The jewelry completes the look but keeps the focus on the other elements. The photo in the corner is a nice touch, no fuss.

K: How much time do you usually spend on a set?
E: I usually spend anywhere from 20-30 mins on a set. It usually only takes 30 mins if it's for a contest, though. I try to put a lot of thought into those. 

These colors are amazing together. Never have red and green been so...not Christmassy! That takes skill. I hate when color combinations are connected to brands or companies. Every now and then I want to make a yellow & red outfit, but it always ends up looking like McDonalds. Bleh! The dress & tank look marvelous together. All the little accessories remind me of the detail on the front of the tank. The purse is very sleek & matches exactly!

K: Where do you draw inspiration from?
E: My inspiration comes from magazines, stuff I'd like to own, and people on the street.

I love the colors & the graphic on the tank. Kneesocks and slip ons? Very daring. It makes me feel good to know I'm not the only person that would wear that sort of thing. In the back of my mind I always thought Vans looked awkward with out pants covering the top, but after seeing this set I've decided it's ok! [hehe] Great accessories: lip necklace? Amazing. I love the rounded-edge photo.

K: What is your current favorite item on Polyvore?
E: Hmm, this is hard I think my favorite item is maybe this dress, or any ring with an owl or elephant.

The colors are warm but bold in this set. My favorite parts are the straps on the skirt, the hat (fedoras, when placed properly, are awesome!) and of course, the little owl! Excellent.

K: What is your current favorite set?
E: My fave set is: (click here). It was made for me by Orangurple. I love every bit of it. It's so adorable. The colors, the items, the whole look is just perfect. 

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Etchasketchinlola said...

I ♥ it! Very good critiques. I think you might have put more thought into the critiques than I even did when making the sets. You did a really great job. Thanks so much for asking me to take part!