Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kneesock's Best Sets of 2008

[some of the summer lists might be a bit off]


These are sets I'm happy with from the past year. I tended to pick out less popular ones & give them room to shine.




Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth. by kneesock


Out for a Stoll by kneesock


Week of Awesome by kneesock




My Fashion Line *Two Items Actually Made By Me* by kneesock


Storm In A Teacup by kneesock


I Wish I Could Have Gone To Woodstock... by kneesock




What WAY? Item #1 by kneesock


Remember What the Dormouse Said by kneesock


Hey, babe, your hair's alright by kneesock




Dinner Out by kneesock


Frickin' Awesome. That's What. by kneesock


Cosmetic City by kneesock




I'm Taking My Time by kneesock


Proportion'd by kneesock


If We Could Just Join Hands by kneesock




Dots&Shorts by kneesock


Mick Jagger was such a babe. by kneesock


I Feel Uptight When I Walk In The City by kneesock





picnic for one by kneesock


Jimmy Page by kneesock


legit instyle by kneesock




we're all gonna have fun. by kneesock


dude. this is rad. by kneesock


sometimes getting sent into a fantasy... by kneesock


how to make a dress badass by kneesock




SHINY PANTS! by kneesock


extravagant dress by kneesock


rags to riches, or so they say. by kneesock


casual tiffany's. by kneesock




love this sweater. so quirky. by kneesock


just waiting to share it with someone. :] by kneesock


you're a fallen angel before your time. by kneesock


i felt like being bold, graphic, and grayscale. by kneesock




I made a frame image... by kneesock


a week in awesome boots. by kneesock


THE pineapple express shirt by kneesock


i miss seattle. by kneesock


one or two vests, ma'am? by kneesock




no, we ain't gonna take it! by kneesock


I don't want to wonder / if this is a blunder by kneesock


crazy decorated dress by kneesock


coincidentally military by kneesock


bring it on, 2009! [yearly review below] by kneesock



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Weview: (no one, sorry!)

I am tired. And lazy. And Wednesday Weview. Not today, atleast. Apologies.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Item Obsession

Mmkay, so when I get bored, I'll be posting a few fashion items I think are rad. Like right now!

THEME: metallic silver

1. dress
This dress is MARVELOUS. I love the shape & pleats. But best of all, the fab, texture-y trim at the top.

2. pants
Some may think that these pants are an abomination, but I am a sucker for shiny things (like a raccoon!) so I like them very much. These would go great with a bold tee & a black vest.

3. bracelets
I like how they are silver & fancy, but still have jets of color. They're very graphic & clean.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Weview: Orangurple

Yay! It's Wednesdaytime again.

THIS WEEK: Orangurple
It takes a lot for red, white & blue to not look like the 4th of July. This set does a good job not looking Americana. That was the main reason I chose this set. Gotta love the funky earrings, though. Those earrings are so awesome & spherical.

K: How did you find Polyvore?
O: I found Polyvore through some blog. I'm not sure what it was, but I clicked on the set and decided to try it out. After a few minutes of creating a set, I decided it was tons of fun and decided to join!

I. Love. Mixing. Prints. This set does that in a bizarre, yet workable (in my eyes) way. I never know what to do with those tiger print tees, and this set solves that problem! Please note the two different types of checked pattern. So daring! Glasses as a necklace is ironic, or at least amusing. The bag is really fun. I just realized this set has no shoes. I guess that means you go barefoot in this look. Even more awesome!

K: How much time do you usually spend on a set?
O: When I'm not doing anything else and only focusing on Polyvore, most of the time a set only takes about 10-15 minutes.

The way that this set plays off the idea of a circus ringleader is great. The shirt says "circus animal!" and the red vest with all the gold screams circus as well. The top hat is a nice, obvious choice, and the accessories are marvelous. The shorts have great tab details. The shoes are fantastic and bold. The set!

K: Where do you draw inspiration from?
O: I draw inspiration from fashion blogs, music, and sometimes random people on the street. 

I love the striped shirt & striped scarf combo here. The colors really play well off each other. The hat is classic, and the boots remind me of someone who would ride a motorcycle. Once again, very well picked accessories. The ring is amazing, I feel like someone who lived in medieval times & was really badass would wear that.

K: What is your current favorite item on Polyvore?
O: Oooh, that's a great question! It changes frequently, but at the moment it's this gorgeous skirt. I think I'm going to have to get it! 

This set is bogus, in a fun way. The pants are rad, & I'm a sucker for striped tees. Gray & white stripes is one of my favorite combos, too. The bag is so fruity & unexpected, and puts in a small bit of red to keep colors from being too matchy-matchy. The ring is simple but I feel it adds a lot to the outfit.

K: What is your current favorite set?
O: That's tough to decide! After half an hour of browsing my favorites, I had to choose this set by EtchaSketchinLola. And not only because of the lovely talk about my blog and the fact that she choose one of my sets as her favorite. :P I really, really like it!